Origins of Holistic Pulsing:

Tovi Browning is the founder of Holistic Pulsing. She was born in Israel, but moved to London to study and graduate as an Osteopath and naturopath from the British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. She completed post-graduate studies in Cranial Osteopathy. She also spent time exploring the true meaning of wholism through various BodyMind therapies which led her to develop her own unique approach to healing and life.

In the 1980’s in New Zealand, she developed Holistic Pulsing and ran workshops and the first ever Diploma in Holistic Pulsing before leaving for Australia. HP draws from her studies in Osteopathy as well as Tragerwork, Feldenkrais, Bowen technique, Rolfing, Alexander technique, Hellerwork, Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen, Curtis Turchin.

She synthesised structural integration techniques and the inherent wisdom of the body/mind.

The Holistic Pulsing Guild:

A group of Tovi’s students continued to develop the modality and set up the Holistic Pulsing Guild  in the early 1990s. In 1992 The Guild became an Incorporated Society, and workshops and Diploma trainings continued. The Guild developed a 40 credit NZQA Unit in 2000. In 2005 the Guild shifted from a training body into a standards setting and networking organisation. In 2008 Lynda Mabin of Holistic Health Training Ltd  developed a certificate in HP with NZQA approval for training in HP in NZ. Holistic Pulsing in taught in the UK, Holland, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia and Israel.  New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild:   An introductory video on Holistic Pulsing.