Holistic Pulsing – a BodyMind Therapy

Holistic Pulsing can be deeply relaxing and deeply healing physically and emotionally.

Gentle rocking, stretching and opening movements can help improve fluid and energy flows throughout the body and can release tension or blockages caused from injury, trauma or habitual holding patterns and stress. The rhythmic movement from the rocking can bring awareness to the contracted parts of our body that hold stress and can also take us into a deep meditative state.

Reconnecting to all parts of our body brings a sense of wholeness and gives us an opportunity to explore what might arise.


Holistic pulsing works with the respiratory, cardiac and cranial rhythms of the body, as well as the lymphatic system to stimulate and balance energy flows and to release toxins and waste from the body as well as identify blockages in our systems. It can enable movement into stiff joints, or chronic muscle tightness.

With relaxation and connection to our body may also come a connection to memories/emotions/sensations that we then have an opportunity to explore, with curiosity, non-judgment, compassion and love in a confidential safe space.

Dialogue, breath and sound may be used to explore issues that can arise.

Holistic Pulsing is taught in the UK, Holland, Germany, UK, Australia, Russia and Israel.

The New Zealand Holistic Pulsing Guild: www.holisticpulsing.org.nz

The HP rock-video can be viewed HERE.

Your session:

Comprises one hour of focused time with you in a caring, supportive environment.
You are gently and rhythmically rocked whilst lying on the table fully clothed.
There may be some dialogue to support insight during the session.
Confidentiality is assured.

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