I started training in Holistic Pulsing in 1990 . . .
Very simply it took over my life. It was the first modality that combined enough of what I valued into one package, the body/mind connection was acknowledged, the client was empowered not done to and then it was wrapped up in a stunning bodywork which connected the client with their inner self in a gentle and loving way.
Wow, this was worth specialising in!
My journey . . .
I achieved my HP diploma in 1994 and HP teaching certificate in 1995. I have a diverse academic background; a year at Lincoln University doing Resource Studies, a psychology paper at Canterbury University, Anatomy & Physiology at Canterbury College of Natural Medicine, Swimming Instructor training, Shorter counseling/communication skills type workshops, Adult teaching certificate, supervision training with Margaret Morrell. I have upskilled in many CAM (Complimentary/Alternative Modalities) short courses including massage, reflexology, yoga and herbs.  I bring all that to my real passion of Holistic Pulsing.
One of my greatest joys now is sharing Holistic Pulsing with others. I enjoy working with clients and I love teaching Holistic Pulsing. I watch with satisfaction as a student moves from ‘trying to learn something’, transitioning into ‘getting it’. I also love seeing the transformation of students who have struggled with learning for various reasons, to get over their personal hurdles – to assist them to discover the joy of learning and see their sense of achievement acquired along the way.

How it all started . . .

My journey with education has been a less direct route. As a child I found a curious, questioning mind with a kinaesthetic learning style (not that I knew the term then) wasn’t well received by our rote learning styles of the day. A lack of mutual respect between student and teacher, and frustration with both the system and the curriculum, lead me to explore many different paths while working and traveling.
I found I kept being drawn back to study and teaching. My deep interest in people, environment, spirituality, health, and a developing interest in learning kept leading me back into teaching situations. For example I taught English in Nepal for 3 months in the late 1980’s.  I’ve also facilitated parenting courses (how to talk so kids will listen – and listen so kids will talk).  And – I loved teaching school swimming for a democratic school system while raising my son.