I met Corrine at a convergence gathering and was literally blown away by what I experienced during a holistic pulsing session with her.

I am a healthcare professional whom has done a PhD on meeting the needs of others, I am an expert on escaping sad emotions, a person whom cognitively headcases most situations or if this gets too difficult then I ignore it. I have suffered from anorexia nervosa since I was 11yrs old, had two dysfunctional longterm relationships, buried myself in avoidance strategies, tried numerous alternative therapies, escapism techniques and counselling in an attempt to make sence of myself and my life.

I reconnected with Corrine after this convergence gathering when I was significantly unwell with yet another anorexic event. To my joy I once again experienced the amazing sensation of my body communicating with me, no words just sensations, visions, feelings (sad and happy) with a sence of disbelief yet ulitimate trust in what it was

I was experiencing.

Every time it was different, I soon learnt that I couldn’t control what happened so I surrendered to the wisdom of my body, no headcasing just absolute trust in what it was I needed to feel, experience and work through under the wise hands of Corrine.

Fours year on, I haven’t relapsed despite many events that usually would have sent me into a crisis and I still see Corrine as a therapist not because I need to but because I want to. It keeps me happy and at peace with myself. I feel very priveledged to have Corrine as my therapist. Mandie