“After a Holistic Pulsing session I feel like a million bucks, like I could jump off the table and run around the block and thrash my nephews at tennis.” Murray Smith, 74 years

During my Holistic Pulsing session with Corinne I experience a “waking up” of my body mind and spirit. It was as if through being too busy, I had put part of myself on hold. After the treatment I noticed that I had more energy and that energy was true and I felt very refreshed and relaxed. I recommend Holistic Pulsing with Corinne as a benchmark treatment for knowing your own energy levels and then as on going part of natural health maintenance throughout your life.

Kay Lloyd - Natural Health Practitioner

“My first session was over 20 years ago and over that time 2 sessions have really stood out as exceptional, but hard to explain and most unusual, not something I could tell every Tom, Dick and Harry about. Glowing and buzzing sensations on my hands and fingers.” Murray Smith, 74 years